WHY 4%

ABC English Language Teachers are an exclusive community of the uppermost English teaching experts in the world.

Top individuals and companies rely on ABC teachers for their most important English problems. Can you take English teaching to the highest level? The ABC English team can. We’re a fun, hardworking group who believes in stellar service, having fun and making every lesson a memorable experience for our students. Have what it takes to join our team?

The ABC English Screening Process



The 6 Traits of Extraordinariness We Are Looking For

#1. Near-native English Speaker

You are expected to demonstrate that you truly are a near-native English speaker.

#2. Experience

It is essential that you are a person that has had solid experience teaching adults in group situations of between 4-10 students and be able to prove that you have had considerable English teaching experience. A minimum of 2+ years is required.

#3. Knowledgeable

Your knowledge of all core grammar rules and your ability to explain the language must be at a high level. You should easily be able to explain grammar concepts and explain & answer all questions accurately.

4#. Be Motivating & Perceptive

All content delivery must be delivered in a motivating and energetic way. You should always succeed in engaging & inspiring all students at any given time.

#5. Team Player

You must be a person that is always ready to go above and beyond to help others. Sure, you may need to do something which goes beyond your role and responsibility sometimes to help others out. If you help them this time, they will probably help you in return next time.

#6. Fun To Be Around

A fun & healthy vibe in the school is absolutely essential. You must be open, positive and fun to be around. You are a person who always looks for reasons to be happy and not one to look for reasons to complain or be annoyed.

Please send all CV’s (with D.O.B. & recent picture and nationality) to: info@abcenglish.nl