These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings for ABC English Language Centres courses starting on or after 1st January 2021.

DefinitionsIn these terms and conditions, the following terms have the meanings set out next to them (and references to the singular include the plural and vice-versa):Agreement: These terms and conditions together with the Application Form which are supplied by ABC English.

Application Form: The form you complete and send to ABC English in connection with applying for a place on a Course which shall be considered to form an integral part of this Agreement.

Confirmation Form: The form ABC English sends you to confirm acceptance of your application.

Course: The Course of study you have applied for on your Application Form offered by ABC English.

Departure Date: The date on which your Course ends.

ABC Language Centres: The language centres at various locations identified on the website.

Start Date: The first day of the Course for which you are applying.

ABC English: The ABC English Language Centre is the location where you wish to study identified on the website.

Website: The website at

You/Your: The applicant for a Course at ABC English.

1. Agreement

This Agreement shall be legally binding between you and ABC English once ABC English has received a completed Application Form from you, whether by e-mail or otherwise, and has confirmed your place by sending you a Confirmation Form. This Agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its validity or its subject matter or formation is governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the legal jurisdiction in which ABC English is situated.

2. Intake

Intakes at ABC English are by appointment only and are free of charge. You must allow at least 30 minutes for this appointment.

3. Entrance Test

Where a course requires a minimum level, you will be required to complete and submit an approved test. Failure to do so may result in you being unable to take the course requested. A suitable alternative will be offered.

4. Courses

Start Dates are detailed on the website. In the event of an insufficient number of students booking for a particular Course, ABC English reserves the right to cancel the Course or provide you with an alternative Course which ABC English, in its sole discretion, considers suitable.

5. Lesson Times

Indicative lesson times are set out on the Website. ABC English reserves the right to alter such lesson times at its discretion before the commencement of any Course.

6. Certification & Attendance

You must attend a minimum of 80% of lessons scheduled for the Course in order to receive a certificate of attendance at its conclusion. Students whose attendance falls below this level may be asked to leave the programme. Students who require visas who fall below the required attendance level will always be reported to the appropriate government immigration authority. All certificates must be collected at ABC English, under no circumstances is it possible to post the certificate in the mail.

7. Cancellations & Missed Lessons

Courses: You may cancel your booking provided you do so by written notice to ABC English, which it must receive not less than 7 days before the Start Date. In such an event, any fees you have paid will be refunded except for a cancellation fee of €50 and one week’s tuition (where applicable). If you cancel your booking less than 7 days before the Start Date, no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. If you terminate a course after the Start Date, or if you fail to present yourself at the school on the Start Date without having previously cancelled your Course, no refunds will be given. ABC English is not obligated to supply the student for any missed lessons that the student has not been able to attend.

Missed lessons: If you miss any lessons during your course for any reason, unfortunately they are not recoverable, no make up classes are given. It is not possible to transfer any missed lessons to any other course.

Cambridge Exam Courses: All courses include the exam fee and therefore all class instruction points towards strategies to pass the exam. No refunds will be given if students decide not to do the exam after the course has begun.

Long term stay: Registrations from abroad for long stay courses requires 50% of the total fee to be paid in advance and then the outstanding 50% to be paid when the student arrives in the Netherlands before all tuition begins.

Private tuition: Cancellation of any private tuition must be made no later than 24 hours notice by telephone or email, otherwise you are still obliged to pay for the lesson. Furthermore, all hours must be completed within the calendar year; under no circumstances will lessons/hours be carried over into the following calendar year.

8. Changes and Amendments

Once you have started a Course, no changes may be made to it other than by written agreement from ABC English. If ABC English opts to approve a change, the additional charge, which will be specified, will be incurred by you and no change can be effected until full payment has been received.

9. Prices

All prices stated on the Website are valid from 01 January 2021 to 31 December 2021. ABC English Language Centres reserve the right to unilaterally change prices as a result of governmental regulations, tax increases, exchange rate variations or other events. Study and material expenses are not included in the course fee.

10. Payment

Full payment must be received by ABC English not less than 7 days before your Start Date. You will not be allowed to commence your Course if payment is not made by that time. Payment may be made by bank transfer (see below), or in person at ABC English.

Account Name: ABC English
IBAN: NL36 INGB 0006 1662 44
ABC English will not incur any fees related to international bank transfers. All costs are at the expense of the student and their own bank.

11. Descriptions

ABC English honestly believes that all statements made in promotional material are factual and correct. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure such accuracy. ABC English is not responsible for any changes that become known after promotional material is produced (up to date information can be found on the Website). ABC English will advise you of any material changes which become known to it prior to the Start Date.

12. Conduct

You are expected to behave in a courteous manner and to respect fellow students and staff at ABC English. The illegal use of drugs, alcohol abuse and inconsiderate behaviour is unacceptable as is any failure by you to abide by the law and custom of ABC English’s location. ABC English reserves the right to withhold Courses from any student who fails to meet such standards and to terminate any Course or part thereof without refund in appropriate circumstances.

13. Expulsion

Committing a criminal offence, insufficient attendance, the provision of false information in your Application Form, in correspondence and dealings with ABC English prior to the Start Date or on enrolment, disorderly, drunken, aggressive or threatening behaviour or any other actions which could bring ABC English or ABC English Language Centres into disrepute may result in expulsion from ABC English without refund. In such case, immigration and other authorities will be informed where appropriate.

14. Health

You must be in good physical and mental health at the Start Date and ABC English reserves the right to require you to leave any Course at your own expense in the event that you fail to declare any material matters relating to your health on the Application Form.

15. Letter of Invitation Letters for Visas

You must ensure that you fully understand immigration regulations in ABC English’s location. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet and comply with any such regulations and ABC English will not refund any fees paid due to your having been refused entry into the ABC English’s location by immigration authorities.

16. Insurance and Limitation of Liability

ABC English shall not have any liability to you for any loss of possessions, injury, death, costs related to medical or dental treatment, or costs related to repatriation or for any other losses, damages (whether direct or indirect), compensation, costs or expenses unless negligence can be proved in a court of law in the jurisdiction of ABC English. ABC English shall not have any liability to you for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from any information or instructions supplied by you which is, or are incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate. Where ABC English incurs costs due to incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information, the student will be liable for these extra costs. Nothing in any agreement you have with ABC English affects any liability for death or personal injury caused by ABC English’s negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation, or your statutory rights as a consumer.

17. Matters Beyond ABC Language Centres’ Control

ABC English will endeavour to provide you with the Course and service you book. However, we do not take responsibility for disruptions to the Course and arrangements associated with it resulting from forces out of ABC English’s control, such as (but not limited to) earthquakes, other natural disasters, war, governmental action and the like. Refunds in respect of the curtailment of the Course or the period of your stay in ABC English’s location will not be made in such circumstances. Students are responsible for their own personal belongings. ABC English will not be held responsible for stolen, lost or damaged items belonging to students.

18. Photography, Filming & Sound Recording

During the course of a student’s stay, ABC English may arrange to record, photograph or shoot video footage for its promotional purposes only, both printed and online. Any student who does not wish to participate should indicate this on their application form and state at the time of the recording, photographing or video shooting the wish not to participate.

19. Visas

Depending upon the location of ABC English, you may require a visa to study in such location. ABC English will assist you in connection with your initial application for a visa but in all other respects it is your responsibility to apply for and obtain a visa where necessary.

20. ABC English has a complaint procedure.

A copy is available upon request at the premises.

21. Coronavirus

If the government impose restrictions that either strongly advise or force our location to close, or if your teacher has Corona virus symptoms – the classes will then immediately continue as normal but online via Zoom and not at ABC English Language Academy.