Private English Lessons – English Teachers in The Hague

Living in The Netherlands, have you ever thought:

I want to learn English’ but don’t want to travel to the UK, US Australia etc

I want to speak better English but don’t know where to start

You don’t have anyone who will ‘really’ correct your mistakes

If you answered ’yes’ to any of these questions above then you have come to the right place and well done for taking action and the steps to improving your English skills.😉

So Why is English so Important?

So let us just remind ourselves why having a good solid base in English is vital these days.

Well, learning English is important because:

People commonly use English to communicate..

And many countries use English as a second language (ESL) at school and at universities.

And it’s the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers all over the world..

It is also the dominant business language used everywhere.

So What?

So, since you live in The Netherlands, learning the English language is essential for four reasons:

1. Whether you are Dutch or not, then it was probably a long time ago that you learned at school and don’t have that much confidence when you speak.
Or you are a high achiever and want to develop yourself and your English skills even further!

2. You want to study at university and they require an IELTS or Cambridge ESOL certificate for your application to be successful.

3. There are so many international organisations especially in The Hague (Den Haag)
that it’s quite possible that you already do or want to work for one of these big companies in the future.

4. Because if you are not Dutch, then we often speak in English to survive.

Private Lessons are Specialised

So ABC English One-to-One tuition packages help you improve your English rapidly by catering to your specific and individual language learning needs…

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you want general, conversation, business English lessons, thesis corrections or job interview preparation.

The purpose of our programs is to develop your language proficiency so that you are able to achieve academic standards and accomplish success at our language academy..


to use English confidently at work and outside the classroom.

Your highly qualified and experienced English teacher will work with you to identify your language learning goals and plan lessons designed to help you meet your objectives.

What Can I Expect?

Students taking private classes with one of our English teachers can expect to improve their English fast.

This is guaranteed because you will have 100% focused attention on you.

Our private lessons are designed around your needs, ensuring that all the language is relevant and engaging to you.

This usually includes refreshing English grammar with exercises as well as learning new phrases and vocabulary.

Lessons are sold in multiple 10hr blocks, so we can be sure that we have enough time to maximise your potential.

Our English teachers give private English lessons for the following areas:

  • Interview preparation
  • UN Language Proficiency Exam (LPE)
  • Hotel School Students The Hague – Scheveningen & Amsterdam
  • CambridgeIELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, ILEC
  • Thesis corrections
  • General English purposes