Dunglish: 12 mistakes Dutch speakers always make..

English in the Netherlands is spoken by approximately 90% of the Dutch population. Why?

  • According to some people, the main reason for their high level of English is that the country is small, which for years has depended on international trade
  • As well as the use of subtitles on TV for foreign language programmes
  • English is an official language of the municipality of Amsterdam
  • Many schools teach English in the upper grades
  • Most university Masters degrees are conducted in English

So why is it that so many of the Dutch want to improve their English? Well it’s because they make the following mistakes:

  • I am born in Holland
  • How late is it?
  • He has written the report yesterday
  • We live on number 32
  • My sister is married with a famous actor
  • We have lived here since two years
  • How does he look like?
  • My wife is always cooking the dinner
  • My car is standing in front of the house
  • We’re going to stay on a camping
  • I am here on the picture
  • I love making pictures


So, all the sentences above include a mistake. Can you find all 12 mistakes? Please reply in the ‘comment’ box below.

P.S. If you want more help with your English click here.

P.P.S. If you are Dutch and want more help with your English click here.


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