Dunglish: 12 mistakes Dutch speakers always make..

The Dutch are considered to be the best English speakers in Europe. However, they still have a few problems with certain sentences.

Read through the following statements and see if you can find the mistakes!

  • I have an own house.
  • A small percent of these houses are new.
  • He decided to have his house isolated before the winter.
  • How does he look like?
  • Peter is away for business.
  • They increased prices with 5%
  • His teacher learns him English.
  • He asked his chef for a free day.
  • He hardly never goes on holiday.
  • The advertisement is standing in the newspaper.
  • We look forward to see him.
  • I see you tomorrow.

So, all the sentences above include a mistake. Can you find all 12 mistakes? Please reply in the ‘comment’ box below.


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