7 tips to Skyrocket Your English

These tips are very simple tips for improving your English fast! Read them first and you may give yourself a chance of improving ~ Do nothing about it, you will stand still ~ Implement them and you will immediately see and hear results ~ Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Nobody ever laughs at you, […]

Dunglish: 12 mistakes Dutch speakers always make..

English in the Netherlands is spoken by approximately 90% of the Dutch population. Why? According to some people, the main reason for their high level of English is that the country is small, which for years has depended on international trade As well as the use of subtitles on TV for foreign language programmes English […]

English phrases for the festive season

CHRISTMAS We are now in the week of Christmas & very soon the New Year.. As with all traditional holidays and celebrations there are specific phrases and sentences that are handy to know. With the English language the majority of the greetings and phrases used for this time of year are very common and traditional. […]

English for Emails: The Basics

We know that sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to write in English, so we have provided you with a list of formal and informal English phrases perfectly suitable for writing English emails. Formal/Neutral Informal Name Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Jones Dear Anna Hi/Hello Jenny Jenny, … (or no name at all) Previous contact […]

The Truth About Mrs. X

So this is a true story.It happened about 4 months ago.The story illustrates how important correct English spelling is and why it cost one of our employees her job. Yes we fired her. We were totally brutal about it and had to be. She compromised our professionalism… But before I tell you exactly what happened […]

7 Helpful Ways To Say Hello and Goodbye in English

Greetings are a funny thing. It’s best to use the formal ones first and then listen to how the person you are speaking to you responds. This will then indicate if it’s appropriate to continue being formal or casual. Usually over time, especially in business situations, start by using the formal English greetings and then […]