General Questions

1. How many students are there in each class?

Courses will run with a minimum of 3 participants. ABC English reserves itself the right to cancel a course if the minimum amount of participants is not reached.

2. Can I start a course anytime?

If you already speak some English, you can start the conversation course anytime – participants can join all other courses up until the 3rd lesson if they’ve missed the first two.

3. How do I know which level is right for me?

The first step is take our online test here. Students are placed in the level below their test result because the ‘active’ spoken level is normally lower than a person’s ‘passive’ kowledge of the English language. Alternatively, please contact the school for a free intake. In this meeting, all your needs & requirements are discussed and then the most suitable course is chosen.
Also, please complete the online test

4. How can I book my English course?

Please contact us!

  • – By phone: 06 201 799 89
  • – By email:
  • – Or you can visit us by appointment only: Haagsche Bluf 7, 2511CN Den Haag

5. How and when can I pay for my course?

Payment is expected before the beginning of the course. This guarantees that a place for you will be reserved. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer:

  • Account Name: ABC English
  • IBAN No: NL36 INGB 0006 1662 44
  • Account Address:
  • Foreign Operations
  • P.O. Box 1800
  • 1000 BV Amsterdam
  • Netherlands

6. Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

After you have paid for your course, no refunds will be issued.

7. If I miss any lessons, can I make these lessons up later in another course?



8. Are the teachers English and qualified?

Most of our teachers are native English speakers, they are qualified and have many years of experience teaching English to foreigners and they are internationally aware.

9. Are the lessons in English?

Yes. All lessons are taught exclusively in English.

10. Can I request a letter of invitation for visa purposes?

Yes. The cost of this service is €275 and takes 48hrs.

11. Do you offer Dutch lessons as well?

Yes, we do! Please have a look at our website for all Dutch courses.

12. How long does a course take?

All courses are different, please check each individual course here

13. Can I change level if I feel that the level is too easy or too difficult for me?

Yes. If a student has a level that is either lower or higher, the student can then change into another group before the 3rd lesson. It is always in the best interest of both student and the school that our students are placed in their corresponding level.

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