7 tips to Skyrocket Your English

These tips are very simple tips for improving your English fast! Read them first and you may give yourself a chance of improving ~ Do nothing about it, you will stand still ~ Implement them and you will immediately see and hear results ~

  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Nobody ever laughs at you, this is only the little voice in your head telling you that people do.
  • I’ll get the next round of drinks
  • Immerse yourself in an English speaking environment where you can learn passively through listening and speaking. This is ultimately the best way (see our recent blog on the power of listening).
  • Learn English phrases and groups of words, not single words and English vocabulary lists.
  • Learn slowly – Forget slowly. It takes a long time to learn and remember certain English rules but if you do not spend the time learning it properly you will forget it very quickly.
  • Repetition Repetition Repetition…this is similar to the number below, but try to start thinking in English too.
  • Practice Practice Practice…this is really the only way you will develop your active spoken skills.
  • Be patient: Learning English takes time; the brain needs to organise new information it absorbs regarding grammatical rules and new vocabulary. So don’t worry if you think you have forgotten. Just re read your notes in order to get that little step closer to English fluency.

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