Best Phrases to Politely Complain in English

Sometimes but hopefully not too often we find ourselves in a situation where we need to complain about something. There are certain ways in English to complain in a way that is polite and not rude. The phrases below should help you to sound well mannered and respectful. Hope you don’t need to use them too often:

  • It’s probably not your fault but… (this is a good way to introduce your complaint without blaming the person you are speaking to)
  • I’m afraid there has been a misunderstanding… (this one is used when you want to tell the other person that he/she has made a mistake e.g. I’m afraid there has been a misunderstanding but I reserved a table by the window)
  • Sorry to bother/trouble you, but… (use this English phrase if the complaint is not very serious)
  • Sorry, but this is unacceptable… (this expression clearly indicates that you are not happy at all about something)
  • Let’s make a toast / Let’s cheers to… (this is when you want to celebrate a person or event or an idea) e.g. Let’s toast to your good health this year.
  • Excuse me but there is a problem…
  • I want to complain about…
  • This sucks.. (informal)

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