Dunglish: 12 mistakes Dutch speakers always make..

The Dutch are considered to be the best English speakers in Europe. However, they still have a few problems with certain sentences.

Read through the following statements and see if you can find the mistakes!

  • I have an own house.
  • A small percent of these houses are new.
  • He decided to have his house isolated before the winter.
  • How does he look like?
  • Peter is away for business.
  • They increased prices with 5%
  • His teacher learns him English.
  • He asked his chef for a free day.
  • He hardly never goes on holiday.
  • The advertisement is standing in the newspaper.
  • We look forward to see him.
  • I see you tomorrow.

So, all the sentences above include a mistake. Can you find all 12 mistakes? Please reply in the ‘comment’ box below.

  • 2019-05-02 21:19:44

    1. I own a house.2. A small percentage of these houses are new. 3. He decided to have his house insulated before winter. 4. What does he look like? 5. Peter is away on business. 6. They (have) increased prices by 5 %7. His teacher teaches him English. 8. He asked his boss for a free day. 9. He hardly ever goes on holiday. 10. The advertisement was published in the newspaper. 11. We look forward to seeing him. 

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