Cambridge Bootcamp

The ultimate English training event for Non-native English speakers

The Cambridge Bootcamp is a powerful 5-day English training skills program for those With an already good level of English (not for beginners). The dates of this course are all the five listed above.

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7 reasons why you should not miss the Cambridge Bootcamp:

In the Cambridge Exam Bootcamp discover how to use your English successfully in the world with the most effective strategies, systems and tools for the modern economy.

You will discover:

  • The ultimate English learning system
  • Effective exam methods and technoloques
  • The necessary mindset of a successful exam result
  • How to achieve a higher result through the proper use of proper techniques
  • The implementation roadmap to reaching your English goals
  • Time management insights that will save you hours of study
  • And many more valuable strategies for improving your overal English

The Cambridge Bootcamp is the largest exam preparation course for non-native speakers in the Netherlands. You also get a powerful new network of contacts who can help you improve and develop your overall English.

Exam fee & registration is FREE

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