Corona & English Courses

*updated on 18th May 2021

From 19th May 2021 onward:

Most classes are held at our Corona proof school
Some classes will be given completely online
Please check each course page for more information about where it is and the format given

Most classes are held at our Corona proof school

What you will experience at ABC:

• A reduced class size to a maximum of 8 students
• Our academy is now setup with protective screens between each student
• Hand gel and disinfectant sanitiser is now plentiful in every classroom for both student and teacher use
• Saftey guidelines on walls reminding students and teachers of 1.5m social distancing rule
• If students show any symptoms of sickness, they will not be allowed to attend the class – they can follow it online at home
• Markings on floor to indicate in and out walking route

Some of our classes will be taught completely online

How does it work:

The student can download the software for free:

Before your course, you will receive an email with a link that will automatically connect you to the lesson with your teacher.

Once the lesson begins, you as well as all the other students will be able to hear and see each other on the screen. Your teacher will take the lesson as normal, making use of interactive tools such as a whiteboard, playing online games, and using videos too. If you have a question, you can easily show your teacher that you have something to say your hand and your teacher will allow you to speak, or you can use the chat function. In breakout rooms you will work in separate little groups, and your teacher will move from one group to another to help with all your errors, pronunciation etc exercises.

There is a maximum of 10 students per class.

So, sign up for your course now and come and join the rest of us!

or call us on: +316 201 799 89