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We give all our intensive English course lessons in the city centre of The Hague for your convenience

Firstly, this intensive English course offers a stimulating environment if you are interested in improving your English faster. The course provides Dutch & non-native speakers from any background to master the English language. This is the focus of this intensive course. Furthermore, it is appropriate for beginners through to advanced students. And it is perfect if you want to become more fluent in your English language skills, improve job performance, or undertake university studies.

40 60 or 100 contact hours spread over four weeks

Why is this intensive English course so popular?

Well in a few words, because we create an intensive environment which forces you to learn properly and faster. So, the focus of these intensive courses at ABC English is on speaking and expanding vocabulary and the use of the language in context (if you want exclusive practice on speaking only then click here)

Therefore, you will work in groups and pairs. We also expect you to  give presentations and have discussions to help you to actively ’put into practice’ what you have already learned in class.

Moreover, the classes include: vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation. All of these will enable you to use the language communicatively and academically. Classes are always fun & energetic and a lot of feedback is given to each individual student.

We provide all the materials and we give you homework everyday to ensure that you develop your reading and writing skills too.

Especially relevant is that we test you each week. We also provide you with an official ABC English Language Academy certificate at the completion of each course.

How do I know which level is best for me?

The first thing that you need to do is our online test here. This will give you and us an idea of your current passive knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. Your results will then be sent to you with your score. We will then advise you on the best level to join.

We run three separate groups at the same time. One level is for beginner students, another for intermediate and the other class is for students with an upper intermediate/advanced level. It is always possible to go up or down a level by the third lesson if the class is too easy or difficult for you. This rarely happens but we do this to ensure your English success at maximum speed.

Sign up now, and allow us to open up your doors of opportunity!

the best pricing we offered


4 weeks: 60hrs

  • Perfect Option For Smaller Budget
  • English Theory
  • 4 course exams
  • 4 course presentations
  • Course Certificate



4 weeks: 100hrs

  • Most popular & Best Value Course
  • English Theory + Conversation
  • 40hrs conversation practice
  • Individual Feedback on progress
  • 4 course exams
  • 6 course presentations
  • Course Certificate




4 weeks: 40hrs

  • Study in the evening
  • English Theory + Conversation
  • 24hrs Conversation Practice
  • 2 Course Exams
  • 2 Presentations
  • Course Certificate


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