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Why is this English Conversation Class so popular?

Firstly, this course is very very informal and 99% focus is on you the student practicing your English. In contrast, at some schools the teachers talk far too much. Consequently, this takes away valuable time for you 'the student' to improve. So in this class there is hardly any focus on the teacher. Most importantly is that after each lesson your brain will feel completely exhausted because you have spoken so much English. Therefore, most students start to think in English after a few lessons as a result of the method we use.


What Can I Expect in this English Conversation Class?

First of all, during the classes you will develop oral communication skills in a wide variety of different topics including daily life, the work place, holidays & hobbies and many many more!

Above all, we provide you with all the speaking material. It includes a wide variety of different topics. The book has questions to ask your partner, vocabulary, grammar and phrases for the chosen topic. It is very effective because it enables you not to think and just answer the way a native English speaker would. Similarly, fluency and accuracy is the goal here.

Your teacher will listen and correct you when necessary. This is usually a lot 😉 The course focuses on improving confidence, and will also incorporate the vocabulary and functional language that you need to become a ’natural English’ speaker.

After the lessons, students find it fun to go and grab a soft drink or wine nearby in order to to relax & socialise (and continue speaking English too). This is always effective because it puts you into conversations and situations that you usually find yourself in at work for example or when having general chit chat in daily life. It is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Upcoming Courses