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7 English Phrases for Cold Weather

It is so common in cold countries to frequently talk and complain about the weather. These extreme cold conditions are usually the reason for us talking about the weather so much. Therefore, please see a list of a few English phrases that we use in the wintertime to describe bad weather conditions.



  1. It’s raining cats and dogs 

This expression is perfectly used when it is raining very heavily


  1. It’s a little chilly. 

This means that you feel quite cold.


  1. A cold snap 

This is when there is a sudden arrival of cold weather. So, in an example, we could say          something like this:

“This cold snap was not predicted, I’m so cold now in my T shirt.”


  1. To snuggle in

Sometimes it’s just too cold to even leave home. So, we use this expression to indicate that   you’re just going to stay home and keep nice and warm.


  1. It’s freezing.

You would say this when you are extremely cold.


  1. Make sure to bundle up OR to wrap up warm
    (bundle up = put on warm clothes for protection against the cold)

Both of these expressions can be used when you tell yourself or someone else to dress

warmly against the cold weather.


  1. To bucket down

This is also an expression to say when it is raining very heavily. For example:

“We shouldn’t forget to take an umbrella because it’s bucketing down.


What do you say when it’s cold?

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