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hot and cold weatherDo you live in a hot or a cold country? If you live in a cold country, you may have already read our previous post about phrases for cold weather in English?


How about phrases for hot weather? Use these casual English phrases below to describe the heat, and crack them out next time you’re in an English speaking country in the summer!


  1. It’s boiling

You may already know this word – “boiling” is used to describe hot water that you can use for cooking or to make tea and coffee, but we also use it in casual conversation to talk about the temperature when it’s really hot.


  1. I’m roasting

This may conjure up images of roast potatoes and other delicious winter food, but you can also use this to talk about how hot you are.


  1. I’m melting

This may sound a little extreme, but it’s a funny way to talk about how much you might be sweating in a hot place.


  1. It’s a scorcher today

This is a great way to describe the feeling when the sun is strong and you can feel the heat.


  1. It’s sweltering

“Sweltering” is an interesting word which is used to describe the heat. Impress your friends with this phrase next time the sun is out!


  1. I’m sweating like a pig

Be careful how you use this one! This is definitely a phrase you should only use with close friends, but you never know – they might appreciate it!


  1. This heat is killing me

If you’re really struggling in the heat, you can use this phrase – but maybe you should grab a class of cold water and head indoors first!


  1. A heat wave

This is used to describe an unusual period of very hot weather, for example:

“I can’t believe how long this heat wave has lasted – I can’t stand it anymore!”


What’s the weather like in your country? Comment below and use some of the phrases you’ve learnt from the blog!

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