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21 Useful Phrases for Ordering Food in English


Do you like eating out? Trying new foods or getting to know tasty local places can be one of the best things about travelling or living abroad. You’ll be doing it a lot, so it’s good practice and add some variety to the phrases you use.

Try experimenting with these different phrases next time you order food at a restaurant.

Don’t forget to add please if you want to be more polite!

  • Can/could I have (a full English breakfast) please?
  • I would like (a black coffee).
  • I’ll have (two sides of fries) and (a large coke) please.
  • I’ll go for (the salmon).
  • Can/could I get (a smoked salmon bagel) and (a small peppermint tea) please?
  • Five (beers) please.
  • I’ll take (a vegetarian wrap).
  • Do you have any (mayonnaise)?
  • What kind of (sauces) do you have?
  • Is it possible to get that without (tomato)?
  • What do you have? – you can use this if the staff ask you to choose something specific, like the kind of bread or sauce
  • Could I have that to go please?
  • I’d like to eat in.
  • Does this have any (nuts) in it?
  • Do you have anything without (cheese)?
  • I’m allergic to (seafood), is there any in this dish?
  • Does this contain (fish)?
  • I’m looking for something (gluten-free).
  • What are your (vegan) options?
  • Do you take (cash) here?
  • I’ll pay by (card).


Can I get/can I have are very common phrases when ordering food. One is more popular in the UK and one is more popular in the US.

Which one is which? Comment below and let us know what you think!


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