Rising Sunset to inspire success

What are you going to do now to ensure that you make 2018 your best year ever?


Think now.

I’ve got some brain food for you… or to be exact 18 ways to kick start 2018.

My aim is to get you thinking and to help you to reach greater heights, go more quickly, and achieve more than you’ve ever dreamed of.

This short list is supposed to inspire and energise you, but if you feel little defeated… start small, focusing on just one thing you want to accomplish and go step-by-step.

Life is yours to make of it whatever you want, so just start…start now!


  1. Focus on what you really want (e.g. career, family, relationships, physical health)
  2. Speak with more confidence
  3. Every week, do something new you’ve never done before
  4. Find a mentor or coach to bring into your life
  5. Commit to learning and using a new English phrase
  6. Eat healthier
  7. Take immediate action
  8. Say no to interruptions and distractions every day
  9. Write your bucket list (all the things you want to do before you die)
  10. Finish what you start
  11. Find out how much money you need or want to retire and come up with a plan
  12. Look for the beautiful in each and every person
  13. Go outside more often
  14. Talk to a stranger (this might be your next best friend)
  15. Start reading more in English
  16. Tell one person each week that you truly love them
  17. Write down your goals for the upcoming year
  18. This last one is for you 😉  – Think for a moment and let me know in the comment box below what you do to get 2018 rolling. A few days after you post your comment, you’ll receive a secret link to get a free ticket to the one-time “Speak with More Fluency” training in March (worth €99).


To your English fluency and beyond,

Darren Hain

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