13 Ways in English to Answer to “How You Are?”


  1. I’m fine, thanks. And you?
  2. Good thanks / Very well thanks.
  3. Great!
  4. Pretty good.
  5. Not bad.
  6. Couldn’t be better! (positive response)
  7. Could be worse (positive response)
  8. Can’t complain (positive response)
  9. I’ve been busy.
  10. Same same.
  11. Not so great.
  12. Could be better (negative response)
  13. I’ve been better (negative response)


Are there others expressions you have heard of before?


If so, please comment in the comment box below


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2 thoughts on “13 Ways in English to Say How You Are

  1. GaelleNo Gravatar

    Thanks Darren for indications of positive or negative response! Very informative!

    • Darren HainNo Gravatar

      You’re welcome, keep your comments coming Gaelle! What else would you like to learn about here?

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