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11 Phrases for Asking Someone Out on a Date in English

It’s Valentine’s Day today, now is a great time to ask someone out on a date who you’re interested in.


Use these phrases below and maybe you’ll be able to find that special someone!


To ask if someone is free

1) Hey, are you free on [Friday]?

2) What are you doing [tonight]?

3) Do you have any plans [for Valentine’s Day]?

4) Are you free for [a trip to the beach] tomorrow?

To suggest something to do

5) Do you want to [get a coffee together] sometime?Valentines Day picture

6) Let’s go [for a drink].

7) Are you up for [going to the museum] next weekend?

8) How about [lunch] on Thursday?

9) Would you like to [grab something to eat] soon?

10) We should [go for dinner] tomorrow night.

11) Would you be up for [watching a movie] together?


These phrases are perfect for asking someone on a date, but can also be used to invite somebody out in non-romantic situations.


Of course, you might be on the receiving end of an invitation and already have a partner, or just not feel like going on a date. Check out our other article about how to turn down an invitation in a natural and thoughtful way.

Do you have any fun date ideas? Comment below for some suggestions on interesting places to take someone on date!

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