Say these phrases when drinking alcohol

9 English Phrases to Use When Drinking Alcohol

Often as a non-native English speaker, we tend to relax more and have more confidence speaking English after we have had a few alcoholic drinks. And because we feel more secure with our language abilities, we want to sound more like a native English speaker. So, the phrases below are perfect to use in this situation.

  • I’m a little bit tipsy (= a little drunk)
  • I’ll get the next round of drinks
  • The next drink is on me (= this means that you are going to pay for the next drink)
  • Let’s start/open a tab (= this means that you pay the bill at the very end and not as you go)
  • Let’s make a toast / Let’s cheers to… (this is when you want to celebrate a person or event or an idea) e.g. Let’s toast to your good health this year.
  • It’s my shout / it’s on me (= this means that you will buy/pay for the drink)
  • He’s completely wasted / bombed / plastered / well oiled (= all of these mean very very drunk)
  • I’m the designated driver (= this means you don’t drink any alcohol so that you can drive everyone home)
  • I have a hangover / I’m hung over (= this is the awful feeling the next day when you wake up, often with a headache)

What’s your favourite drink?


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