40 Cambridge English Exam Speaking Part One Sample Answers: FCE/CAE/IELTS

Part 1 of the speaking section of Cambridge English exams usually makes students feel quite uncomfortable, nervous and anxious to say the least. The problem is that when you enter the exam room you have to talk your best English to people (Cambridge English Examiners) you have never even met and will most likely never see again in the future. And what’s more is that you know they are listening and evaluating every English word and English sentence that comes out of your mouth. Additionally, the Cambridge English exam requires that you speak English in a certain way to score highly. This way is often probably not even used whilst talking to your friends. That’s the difficulty. If you did, you probably would not have any more friends 😉 So what’s the best preparation for such easy questions? Well, preparation is definitely the key. Below are 40 common and very possible questions that you may be faced with in the Cambridge English exam itself. These answers were given by a native English speaker. So you will be able to see how you can answer these answers with fluent English. Please take note of the words, English phrases, English phrasal verbs and English idioms that appear in bold as these are the English ‘golden wonders’ that help you to score best! Lastly, it is advisable for you to print these questions and answers out and practise your English pronunciation, your speed and your overall English fluency for the Cambridge Exam. You should make sure you practise them out loud which means to actually speak the answers.

  • Which part of the day do you enjoy most? Why? I’d have to say that even though I’m not an early bird, I’m really keen on waking up early so that I can have a full day ahead of me to be productive and get a lot done. However, I do want to add that especially when I’m on holiday in the summertime I really enjoy the time just before and after sunset. This is due to the fact that I love the how people’s energy starts to become more inward and get ready for the evening’s routine such as dinner and relaxation time. On the contrary though, I get a tad depressed when it’s wintertime and the little sun that is around disappears.
  • Where are you from? Well, I was born and raised in New York. It’s located on the East coast of America. I’m a native English speaker.
  • What do you usually do in your spare time? Well I’m actually not that comfortable answering this question because most people including myself consider me to be a workaholic and I know its negative because I actually do not allow and create enough free time for myself, I don’t have a healthy work-life balance. However, when I do have a moment here and there I normally read, because I’m a book worm and I’m a big believer in soaking up as much knowledge as possible and developing and learning for the future.
  • Do you have a full-time or part-time job at the moment? I currently have a full-time job and work approximately 60 to 80 hours per week. I have my own business and running a company takes its toll because there is always so much to do. A normal day for me generally consists of meeting new clients, sending out invoices and having meeting with my colleagues. In the future though, I’m looking at reducing my work hours so that I can spend more time with my family and friends.
  • What can tourists do in your area? There are so many things to do in New York. I’d have to say that Central Park is by far the most popular place to visit. One can just go there to take a stroll or even just sit down on a bench and watch the passing parade. I think that the best part about it for me is observing all the cute little squirrels that run everywhere, up and down the trees. It’s kind of mesmerizing to watch them go about their business and they run so fast. Besides Central Park, I assume that a lot of other people probably go to Times Square, Broadway and the site of 9/11. It’s actually been so long that I’ve been back that I can’t really remember at this very moment what other fun things visitors can do back home.
  • Do you like the same things as your friends, or do you have different interests? I like these kinds of questions because I think about this quite regularly as friendships are of such great importance to me. So, I know that you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends; and although I do not have that many close friends, the ones that I do have are extremely fun, outgoing and intelligent. This wonderful mix of different qualities really makes our times together rather dynamic, energetic and there’s never a dull moment. For example, a typical weekend day with my good friend Jack and Rudy goes something like this: We meet up for a coffee to get our morning fix, then we usually go for a 10km bike ride and then hit up one of the nearby restaurants on the beach. We then spend about an hour over lunch telling each other jokes and also discuss worldly issues that are topical at the time. This already has a combination of physical and mental activity and we normally speak at 100 miles an hour. The rest of the day might involve further activity and perhaps even to pop in to another friend just to catch up.
  • Where did you go for your last holiday? Holidays, vacations…my favourite subject. I suppose I really need to work less as I think about taking time off regularly. Anyway, my last holiday was spent in the south of Spain. I went there with my family for 2 weeks and we basically just recharged the batteries, pampered ourselves by eating out every night enjoying the finest Spanish cuisine, and spent countless hours sun bathing and swimming at the beach. We actually spent most time in Malaga which is so incredibly beautiful. I think everyone who travels to Spain should visit this stunning place. We also toured around a bit in Seville. Another must see.
  • Where did you go for your last holiday? Well it really depends where I am and why I am on holiday in the first place. For example, if I really need to just relax any recharge my battery, I’m quite happy just lying on the beach and being extremely lazy and pretty much just doing nothing. In complete contrast though, as I said before now I have a young son and he has already started walking so whenever we go away with him there isn’t ever a quiet moment as he is like a windup toy and doesn’t stop at all; meaning that at the end of the day I am totally pooped as he demands so much attention and it is very physically taxing to be around him 24/7. Sometimes I even feel that I need a holiday from my holiday just because of my son’s energetic nature.
  • Would you prefer to live somewhere else? Well on the one hand I would pick up everything and move back to the States but that would be quite a feat and not as easy as one might think. However, I’ve lived here for fifteen years in the Netherlands and things are quite familiar and I’ve settled here quite comfortably, so as a result I’m actually quite satisfied and content to be honest. Nevertheless, the weather here doesn’t really float my boat and moving to the south of Europe or perhaps even back to New York is an option that my family and I am definitely going to consider in the short term.
  • Tell us about a TV program you’ve seen recently? Well I’m happy to say that I actually don’t watch TV at all. Even though we do have one at home I simply just don’t have any time to turn it on. But if I did have spare time on my hands I’d probably take the opportunity to read a book due to the fact that when I use to watch TV I would get really frustrated and annoyed by all the junk that can be seen. However, I do remember several years back that there used to be a TV program, actually it was a reality TV show and it basically just followed the relationships of people who had just met and their trials and tribulations that they went through as a new couple. It was very boring to say the least.
  • How often do you go to clothes shops or shoe shops? Not all that often because I tend to spend money very easily, it just simply slips through my fingers. I am not much of a window shopper but I can definitely shop till I drop; a conservative guess would probably be eight times per year. As I’m a man I don’t have a full closet of shoes however I’m crazy about all kinds of jackets so it’s very difficult for me to resist the temptation if I see a nice coat or suit jacket in any shop.
  • Do you see much of your friends during the week? If so, what do you do together? Well this is a bit it of a depressing question because as I’ve already mentioned, I’ve been living in the Netherlands for fifteen years now and I have found it very difficult to integrate into Dutch society and make friends. And what’s more is that about 4 years ago I had my first child and my son soaks up so much of my time so I guess even if I did have my normal network of friends here in Holland I don’t think I would have all that much time to hang out with my buddies anyway. So I guess it’d be safe to say that if I was in the U.S. I probably would see more of my friends simply because I have more of them over there.
  • What kind of presents do you like to receive for your birthday? Ha ha being the centre of attention especially on my birthday is not my thing. I actually detest my birthday (actually I should correct myself) I’m getting better at accepting the fact that people like making a fuss of me on my birthday but even when I was younger and still now, I don’t really like all the fuss. And I do know that it is traditional for most people around the world to receive gifts on their birthday and even though I mentioned that I’m not fond of birthdays, I kind of secretly do look forward to receiving something either thoughtful, special or simply something that is useful in the form of a gift. The best present one can receive in my opinion is a gift that is useful and needed.
  • Do you ever go to concerts? What kind of concerts do you enjoy? I’m a die-hard music fan. I pretty much like all styles of music except for hard rock and heavy metal. There are some genres that I only prefer listening to while others are better as a live performance, namely jazz. I remember when I used to get my pay cheques in my teenage years, I would spend all my money on buying CDs and having great long listening sessions with all my friends as we all used to be in a band at that time. But going to concerts is the real deal, all kinds of concerts usually entertain me so much because I think it’s a real art for musicians to perform for example outdoors and play their famous songs the way people would like to hear them. I finally go to about three concerts every year and spend an average of 300 dollars.
  • Do you enjoy meeting new people? Why (not)? I’m quite outgoing, introverted and I’m definitely a people person so I love being around people in general. However, if it’s day in day out, it gets somewhat tiresome. If I go to a party I usually try to mingle as much as possible and try to find someone whose ear I can chew off because I’m quite talkative, a real motor-mouth. To that end, I’m also a very good listener. I like learning a lot and hearing about other people’s adventures in life.
  • Do you like going to the cinema? What films would you like to see next? Yes, I always love catching a good flick. I don’t have a state of the art sound system at home so I really get turned on when I hear that wonderful loud surround sound in a dark cinema. As far as a next movie to see, I honestly couldn’t tell you right now as I haven’t been to see a film for quite a while. But action films are my favourite so probably a Bond film or something like that.
  • Tell us about a special occasion you’ve celebrated recently. I celebrated my Birthday a couple of weeks ago and I had a blast. The day started off with having breakfast in bed, my wife prepared it all. Then I went to the gym for a work out and I also booked a massage as I love pampering myself on my birthday. After that, I picked up my son from day care and the three of us went out for a casual lunch. The food was absolutely exquisite! We then took a stroll around the area and hung out at a nearby park and played with our son at the playground. Our babysitter then picked him up and took care of him for the rest of the afternoon and night and my wife and I continued the day doing what we love best: eating, drinking and talking. I wish birthdays happened more often 😉
  • What do you like most about the area where you live? Ok. Firstly, we live in a house writing between the city centre and the beach. This makes it really convenient for obvious reasons especially in the summertime as we always go swimming at the beach. In fact, the street that we live in is a street full of families and this is part of the reason why we actually chose to live where we do, in light of the fact that we now have our son. So the street is pretty quiet and it is tucked away in a nice area. Secondly, the shops are really close by and as we don’t have a car and we have to use our bikes to do grocery shopping, which is usually a daily affair, having everything at our fingertips is sooo good.
  • What are you going to do next weekend? Well I haven’t actually planned anything for next weekend yet, although I have looked at the weather forecast and it’s predicted that it will be very sunny which is kind of rare in Holland, so I guess even though I haven’t made any plans yet, I’ll definitely spend time outdoors doing something. I’ve been wanting to go on a canal cruise in a city nearby for years now, so I suppose it would be a good opportunity to finally do it and get a bit of sunshine and vitamin D at the same time.
  • Do you have a favourite newspaper or magazine? (Why do you like it?) This is going to sound kind of weird but I actually don’t read magazines or newspapers at all; I stopped this years back as I just find it a waste of time and furthermore the news whether it be a newspaper or the news online or on television is just really depressing. And I do know that if one is depressed one of the first suggestions by psychologists and the like is to stop watching the news as it usually rather bleak. My parents and I have a difference of opinion regarding this matter as they feel that I should be up-to-date with what’s going on in the world, but I always reply that as I’m such a people person I always hear about the latest happenings from people around me.

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